Call yourself a true India expert if you have done these 15 things

You do not have to be born or live for years in India to label yourself as an expert on this country. You can claim to be an intelligent and informed, true India expert, if you have ticked off these 15 things on this list!

  1. Used ‘jugaad’ as a means to solve your problem.


 ‘Jugaad ‘is a Hindi word used by the locals of the country, which means to find a low-cost solution to any problem in an intelligent way, it is  a new way to think constructively and differently about innovation and strategy and using things from your immediate environment.

2. Taken a bicycle rickshaw or tuk-tuk ride.


One typical India experience is taking a tuk-tuk ride, making it’s way through the narrow lanes with the infamous heavy traffic. These are cheaper and faster, and one of the best ways to see the city. It may seem like a rollercoaster ride the first time, but later you enjoy the ride and embrace the things you see around yourself!

3. Visited at least one sacred place.


India is home to different religions and there are sacred places of various faiths. The spiritual side of this diverse land will undoubtedly delight you and open you to some great experiences. From practices to rituals, you will see things you’ve never seen before!

4. Binged on street food and spicy food as well.


For Indians, midnight snacks aren’t in the fridge always, food is literally everywhere, around every corner and if you’ve experienced the street food, like the locals do, you will agree that its super delicious.

India is a land of spices and the food supports this statement, it makes you weep, true but it’s all worth it!

5. Indulged yourself in traditional clothing


India along spices also is a land of beautiful textiles, the whole country as you explore has a variety of textiles and garments to offer worn in simple yet beautiful ways! Be it a saree or salwar kameez. Indulging yourself in clothes could be an exciting experience!

6. Indulged in street shopping


India is a shopper’s paradise, from big malls to flea markets, you name it and it is there! Do you think you can bargain? Find out! India has a unique and unconventional way of setting up petite street shops known as ‘haats’ and stalls that sell everything from fashion to trinkets and knick-knacks, these are temporary setups which take place during different days of the week. Note: everything is affordable.

7. Zoomed through the perennial traffic, crowds and busy roads


Traffic jams, narrow roads and large crowds are common in India. You’ll often witness pedestrians crossing the busy street, getting away with the traffic in the most hilarious ways! They do it so much that it ends up becoming a skill! If you can dodge and tackle traffic like a pro, you will find it easy to commute here.

8. Played gully cricket


Gully cricket refers to street cricket and it’s played in literally every street across the country, in India cricket is almost like a religion and people follow it in a similar manner! There is immense appreciation for this sport and it’s celebrated through so many ways!

9. Visited at least one place of historic significance


India was once the land of rulers, from Britishers to the Mughals, different communities ruled this country during different times and left a part of their culture in this country. You will often be greeted with majestic pieces of history and architecture which will absolutely amaze you. Also, don’t forget the world-famous ‘Taj Mahal’, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a brilliant piece of architecture is situated in Agra, India.

10. Ate your entire meal with your hands.


From the very beginning, the Indian culture uses and promotes eating your meals through the help of your hands and not anything else, for various reasons and believe it or not, the food tastes even more delicious when eating using hands, try for yourself!

11. Become addicted to ‘chai’ aka tea


Tea is a vital element of everyday life – everyone needs a cuppa, especially in the mornings. Indians literally survive on tea! There is nothing more fascinating and tempting than the tantalising smell of the chai, the way the locals prepare it here in India will definitely leave you for wanting more brewing.

12. Danced on a Bollywood track


Just like cricket, Bollywood is too followed religiously, Indians never shy away from dancing on a good Bollywood song, every occasion, event and celebration has people dancing to the tunes of some of these songs, it’s almost like a ritual.

13.Celebrated Indian festivals


The best way to blend in with this culture is to take part in their festivals which binds them together through food, music, entertainment, traditions during the festive season. Celebrations in India happen all year around, so indulging in a festival shouldn’t be a problem.

14. Travelled by train


India has one of the longest railway networks in the world and Indians have been travelling via train since 1853! The fact that travelling in a a train is usually cheaper than travelling in a plane makes it more budget friendly! The experience of travelling through a train is truly one of a kind and opens up a person to so many new things.

15. Can speak in more than one language


You might be a tourist or a local, either way, if you’ve been in India for a considerable amount of time, then you probably have mastered the art of speaking more than one language, especially Hindi and even regional variations of that language. (although English is widely spoken and understood across India)

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