Backpacker Hostels: New found love of the young & wild

The social stigma of associating hostels for being crowded, dirty and unsafe must end! As this is rarely ever the case. Unlike hotels, you can stay at hostels and still travel in budget. 

Don’t believe us? Time to think again!

Budget friendly


Hostels are way cheaper than hotels, often even more than 50%, which can help a lot of budget travellers save money without compromising on the quality of service. Even if you are not a budget traveller, save your hotel money and plan another trip for yourself.

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Modern and comfortable


The idea of hostels being crowded and unsafe is just not true! Most of the established hostels (especially the one’s located in cities) have every facility that a hotel has and don’t make any compromises in the services they provide.



Deluxe Room 2

Private accommodation


If you don’t want to share a room with anyone that’s all right! Hostels have budget friendly, stylish privates and subtle offerings of amazing hospitality. Some hostels have private room as an option, allowing guests to experience the luxury of privacy and the fun within a hostel!

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Incredible experiences


Unlike hotels, you get to see more than just your room when you’re staying in a hostel! Conversations  in the common area, borrowing a good book and cooking with a fellow traveller are only few of those many things you could do at a hostel!




Creative spaces


Unlike hotels, hostels don’t follow an identity, they create one! Hostels are far from structured spaces, they are quirky and often have aesthetics which pleases the eye and might help you with those perfect photographs for your travelogue!




Say ‘no’ to boredom

You’ll always find something going on inside a hostel, there’s never a dull moment that exists!

Movie night or book readings, you can always engage your self in some sort of activity and when everything fails you can always find someone to talk to, remember, everyone has a story to share!





The world is one family!


While you sip on your morning tea, you will meet your new friend who is from Spain who will then introduce you to his friend who is from France! The world is one big family and each day you will see glimpses of cultures existing around the world! These people will even give you some great recommendations for traveling in their countries!



Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Plan a better trip


Very often the hostel arranges for local tours and activities which you might have missed out while planning your trip and the fact that you can get authentic reviews of places, activities and cuisine from the fellow travellers around you is a bonus!




Free WiFi


Unlike most of the hotels, you don’t really have to pay an astonishing amount of money to be able to use the wifi at hostels, most of the times it’s part of the deal and you might even find a computer there and make a call via Skype!


“Plan your next venture out with The Hosteller. The whole world awaits you, so keep traveling!”

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Visit us in our super cool hostels in Delhi & Kasol and sleep under a million stars. New locations are coming up soon. Stay tuned.


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