​Hampta Pass – A Stunning Crossover Trek.


Do you really want to find yourself as an individual? Do you really want to prioritize what really matters? Do you really want that kick to help you discover the meaning of all the un-clarified thoughts?

Honestly, being a frequent traveler, Himalayas is the Way. Trekking into the adventurous terrains in the higher and lower parts of The Himalayas is always a life-changing experience helping oneself to learn and understand the mysterious magic of the mighty mountains at the right age and at a high altitude.

“And into the mountains, I go to lose my mind and find my soul”

So, this story is about one of our (My friend & I) recent Himalayan expedition. Hampta Pass, a 4N/5D stunning crossover trek, starts from the lush green valley of Kullu and passes through the fresh white snow of Hampta Pass to the barren deserts of Spiti Valley. Located at an altitude of 14009 feet in the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas, it serves as a small corridor between Lahaul and Kullu Valley. With varied landscapes to hidden waterfalls, from tiny lakes to frozen ones, hanging glaciers to vertical rock walls, Hampta pass trek catches every eyeball.

And yes, it caught our eyes in tempting our minds to take on this eventful journey. So, here we would love to share how one should plan and execute Hampta Pass Trek.

Start Point – Delhi

Starting from Aamchi Mumbai and coming to Dilli, as it is called, was a cultural shock for freshers like us. And whatever is known about our capital, it surprised us in many ways, especially Delhi metro. Delhi to Manali is the perfect road trip to witness heavy traffic, mesmerizing view of the lower mountains alongside river streams.

Day 1: Manali

Old Manali was our den to settle down and acclimatize in the mountains. And yes, we were absolutely right as Old Manali has a delightful charm with great hospitality, (Stay at De Chalet booked through www.thehosteller.com). Based on the amazing recommendation by the hostel staff, we satisfied our taste buds at some of the amazing cafes in Old Manali serving tasty continental food & flavorful sheeshas. We rested early that night with an overfilled head for the trek.

Day 2: Manali – Jobra – Chika

Starting the day early post a delicious breakfast, we were transferred in Sumo cabs towards base camp, Jobra, in 1.5 hours. Beautiful weather, roller coaster ride, and great company was all we needed to start the day. A short trek introduction by the trek leader was followed by lunch. Post-lunch we were all set to start and it was the time for our legs do the job. It was an easy trek on the first day to start with. We started at around 2.45 PM. The trek was around 3 hours with captivating views. Everyone did pretty well though the majority were first-timers. We reached our first camp at Chika, around 5.30 PM, offloaded our backpacks, did some stretching and enjoyed the stunning campsite. After, we had our dinner and called off for the day to wake up at 5 AM.

Beauty Of Chika Campsite!

Day 3: Balu ka Gera

So waking up at 5 AM was a routine for the next 4 days. The second day was supposed to be a bit long with crossing the freezing cold river. We started post-breakfast with clear technical instructions to stay together, slow walkers in the front and fast walkers behind to keep a good pace and momentum of the group. Steep ascent & rocky terrain made the trek a bit difficult, however, as a group, we were determined that everyone will do the job no matter what reaching the river crossing spot. The river was so crystal clear, freezing and fast that it could take you along its flow. And yes, one should never miss drinking this pristine mineral water. Soon after the river crossing, we proceeded further to the campsite. Moreover, the view was so scenic and quaint that I wasn’t tired in spite of it being a long day. We reached the campsite at around 2 PM and started with our acclimatization activities followed by some fun games.

One should never miss drinking this pristine Mineral Water.

Day 4: Hampta Pass – Shea Goru

The Great Hampta Pass – This is what we came here for. It was supposed to be the longest day with around 8-9 hours of trekking. We had to walk on the snow, with high altitude already taking a toll on us, as well. We started the day at sharp 7 AM. It was getting difficult for few people due to high altitude. But as you know, trek leaders never let you quit. Everyone kept encouraging each other. Having lunch at 12500 feet with mesmerizing landscapes all around was like a date with nature. And after a lot of efforts, we made it to the pass. Standing at 14000 feet above sea level, there were breathtaking views of the snow-clad mountains all around with Mighty Mount Indrasan and entire Pir Panjal range, right in front of us.

We spent some time at the pass to relax but more so to enjoy what we were witnessing at that altitude. After some time, we started descending to Shea-Goru campsite sliding on the snow.

The Hampta Pass! The peak behind is Mt. Indrasan!

Day 5: Chattru


We started at 8 AM by crossing the most chilly river of the trek. Since we started in the morning, one could imagine what the frozen river would have offered us. Ah, but, it was absolutely rejuvenating. After a moderate to easy trek, we reached Chattru, where we found signs of civilization and set our minds to rest. The trek has finally come to an end.

Our next plan was to go to Chandratal Lake. Unfortunately, the roads were blocked due to heavy snowfall in the region. But, that left us happy and sad at the same time. Sad because we couldn’t see the lake this time and happy as we got an opportunity to come back again.


Spiti Valley! On the Way to Chattru.

Day 6 – Manali

The day finally came when it all had to end. We were transferred to Manali in the same Sumo cab and passed Rohtang La on the way back. We bid adieu to all the amazing friends & trekkers we met, the locals who helped us get through the trek, and our trekking organizers. Finally, we reached Manali and then to Delhi and to Mumbai.


There is no other place than Himalayas that I’d rather love to be. I had already started missing it when I was there and I do it way more right now. Truly, some secrets aren’t told, they are witnessed.

Travel Before You Run Out Of Time! 🙂

“Plan your next venture out with The Hosteller. The whole world awaits you, so keep traveling!”

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 Blog submitted by Utsav Sarvaiya

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