Unearth the hidden treasures: Visit these 5 museums in New Delhi to know more about its history


Delhi, a city inhabited since the 6th century BC, is a place of many things. With a history so vast, one can find everything they seek in Delhi. And, especially, those who have lived in this city has seen it all, from changing dynasties to great sultanates, powers changing hands from one emperor to another and in the end the modern era. It is truly a city that has left greatest poets stunned beyond words.

So, what’s been left behind, is well preserved in the great museums built over the last few centuries. Within the jagged contours and amidst the chaos upon which this city is built is all the stuff that dreams are made of. Once you fall into the breaths and beats that piece together to form the city, a part of you will stay with Delhi, and a lot of Delhi will fail to leave you.

If you’re going to be in Delhi for a weekend and want to catch a shot of this culture overload all at once, we have the names of our top 5 museums that we think should be on the top of your checklists:

National Museum: Established in 1949, the National Museum harbours relics from the times of the Indus Valley civilisation. A lot of the things about which you read about in your history textbooks back in school are brought to life within the spaces of this museum. What’s more is that it’s situated in the heart of the city, and surrounded by the sprawling market of Janpath where every corner is filled with shopping treasures that you certainly don’t want to miss.

National Mus

Railway Museum: If you are a 90s child brought up in Delhi, chances are that the Railway Museum has featured in some of your favourite childhood memories. The Railway Museum takes you through the spectacular journey of the Indian Railway System (largest in the world), and the best part is the mock train that you get to ride on when you visit!

Railway mus.jpg

Crafts Museum: The crafts museum at Bhairon Road is the perfect place for anyone who wants to realise the sheer simplicity, beauty and truth in art. A thatched roof encloses cool mud walls, terracotta baubles, intricate woodwork and many other lovely handicrafts just waiting to be explored.

craft mus.jpg

Gandhi Smriti: If you’re interested in the history of India’s freedom struggle, Gandhi Smriti is a place you need to go to. Set up in Birla House, where Mahatma Gandhi was shot, the Gandhi Smriti celebrates his life, struggles and contribution towards the independence of India by piecing together memoirs and bits from Gandhi’s life. Amongst the things you might find there, are rooms preserved just the way he left them, his Chappals and his spinning Charkha.

Gandhi Mus.jpg

Shankar International Doll Museum: This is one of our personal favourites. The Doll Museum at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg is a fascinating place which transports you back to your childhood. Inspired when he received a Hungarian doll from the ambassador of Hungary, political cartoonist Shankar Pillai built this museum to showcase different dolls from all across the world. A wholly unique experience that should not be missed!

Doll mus.jpg

Culturally, Delhi is infinite; the moonlit streets of Chandni Chowk (where today you will find the latest of everything ever) find their beginning long before anything we have known, and yet these very streets meander and find their way into the glitzy Tech parks of that glaze the outskirts of the National Capital Region – Delhi really is everything. The city is scarred with the worst and most glorious of wars, and yet shines through with the ever widening light of hope every single day.

Now, you know, what we are talking. We at The Hosteller are looking forward to seeing you on your next big Delhi adventure. Be assured to get the best of Delhi through our uniquely designed city walks & tours. Chao.

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