The best investment you can do today is: Buy a tent & start travelling

I believe that there are two kinds of people in this world – one those who love camping and the second is those who haven’t yet experienced it. To phrase it simply, there’s no other category where one can classify the camping crowd. So, through this blog, I try to pen down my thoughts on why a person should definitely camp in the woods and let the soul go wild for some time.


Though there are countless reasons to support why one should camp, however, I would ponder upon the three most basic and pivotal of them amongst a hundred – Time, You & Nature.

Time, it surely doesn’t wait for anyone. True, isn’t it. But if one just totally doesn’t give a “shoot” to time, oh, the time would be left so lonely. Exactly, camping can help you do so. From childhood, humans are trained to be time bound with our lives ruled by a dimension found by us and dictated thereafter. Wrong as it is, we are merely the slave of it until one realises that it is nothing but a perspective. On a normal camp day, mornings necessary doesn’t mean an alarm clock; one wakes up with the first rays of the sun, with every beautiful warm breeze and chirping of the birds, as if they really want to say some to you. Eating feels all right because of the hunger not because it is time for breakfast or lunch or dinner. Hence, if you are a regular camper, you give up the notion of worrying about time and its concept, as created by man. You just do things because you feel like doing it. As it is wisely said, “A man who camps do not age, as he doesn’t care about the time.” So go out now, and camp. Figure a way out to do things that matter most and let the time wait on the periphery of your tent.

You. You are the most important being in this world and how camping can help you love you. Yeah, you read it correctly. Let me walk you through this. When one camp in a vast meadow in front of a mountain or an ocean, often do one just rolls their eyes in awe, amazed at the landscapes around, as if the whole Milky Way has given us a dancing roof full of stars. The magnitude and intensity of these elements are beyond our basic calculations, and then in a slight moment, you feel so insignificant, so small and negligible, in front of the mighty world. And, there, right at that moment, one understands their true worth. For all that is out of our control, one can sometimes let go, the things one cannot have control over, the things one cannot change. Trust me, it shall result in making you feel free and unburdened. So go out now, and camp.


Thirdly, learn from Mother Nature. How many times have we heard this, “All great inventions happened because of someone, somewhere, sat and observed things as they were happening”? Camping, not only helps in distressing one from all the life issues but also helps one invent, optimise and discover new skills & techniques. From boosting our natural happiness to kindling peace to inspiring us to have a better living, spending time close to nature is the solution to all the problems. Just talk a walk outside your tent or hike up to the nearest hill top, nature shall heal you. So go out now, and camp.

We at The Hosteller are looking forward to seeing you on your next big camping adventure. So, let us know your favourite reason to camp, and we will get back to you with a perfect place for you to pitch a tent.


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Signing off

Super Trekker – Deepjyoti Biswas


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