Forget pricey hotels, say hello to backpacker hostels

Almost everyone has seen the Kangana Ranaut starrer movie, “Queen” (if you haven’t, let us know the address of the rock you’re living under!) In the movie, a heart-broken Kangana traverses Europe and finds love in adventure, stories, wanderlust and most importantly – herself! While she is in Amsterdam, Kangana finds happiness in the unlikeliest of places – the hostel she’s living in. Yes, you read right – hostel!

And no, not the one you went to at boarding school, but one strung with fairy-lights and made of walls plastered with memories and people with a million stories to tell. Weird? 

Two Travellers.jpg

Not so much! When you hear the word hostel, the first thing which comes to our mind is discipline, smelly loose, terrible mess food and maybe the Amitabh Bachchan ruled Gurukul from Mohabattein (SRK fans, amirite?). But we couldn’t be more off. Across the world, hostels are synonymous to unique hip n hop budget accommodation for backpackers and wanderlust-full souls much like yourself.

The word ‘Hostel’ in English comes from a Greek word, which means a ‘place of peace’ or rest, basically translating to the perfect place of solitude for the soul that’s tired from the hustles and bustles of everyday city life. The world’s first hostel was established in the year 1912 in Germany. Since then, travellers across the world have sought short term and long term affordable accommodation in such hostels to find everything from friends, peace, solitude and maybe even themselves.

So, what differentiates a hostel from a hotel? Quite a few things, actually. And one should really change the way they look at travel plans now? It is much more than seeing a monument or having the local food. It is about staying in the “coolest hostel of the place”, too.

  1. Hostels are budget oriented and are priced at amazingly low rates. So, their primary purpose is to provide accommodation and to create a space where you can meet and connect with so many different kinds of people from all walks of life.
  2. Hostels are informal and friendly. There are very little or almost no formalities and courtesies by the people who run the hostels, making for a great environment for the wandering soul. 
  3. Hostels provide shared accommodations in dormitories. While you may have little private space, you get to share so much with the people around you! Who knows the kind of stories you might chance upon – not something you’ll get holed up in your hotel room, is it? After all, everyone and everything is just an adventure waiting to happen. Embrace the detours!
  4. Hostels provide for common areas with fun things to do which give every kind of soul the space to find their kind of people. Even the shy-hearts get plenty of time to break out of their shells. From picnics, treks to amazing bonfire sessions, we kid you not – this is where you want to be.
  5. Super chill experiences: If you’re the introverted type like so many of us and get jittery at the thought of so much social interaction, fear not. Hostels usually are equipped with so many solo adventures that you can embark upon yourself. Some hostels even have private spaces, so you get the best of all worlds. 
  6. Hostels are self-catering which means you can eat whatever you want, and not pay through your nose for hotel-like prices. You get to try out the local cuisines and taste the culture first-hand. Could there be a better way of exploring a place? (Friends fans, yes, we hope you read that in Chandler Bing’s voice!)
  7. Every kind of person lives at hostels: from the young, excited students, to the spiritual nomads, to the weary, old souls looking for some time off. Literally, everybody can find their place in a hostel.
  8. Safety: There will always be people around, so the probability of being unsafe is minimal. There’s always someone to have your back. All you solo women traveller, do not miss this.
  9. Secrets: There are so many secrets waiting to be spilt through the walls of hostels, secrets that you may never know from under the ceilings of your hotel rooms. And who isn’t up for some great secrets?

Now, you know, what we are talking. We at The Hosteller are looking forward to seeing you on your next big Indian adventure. Be assured to get the best of our services and the time of your lives when you visit us. Chao.

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Visit us in our super cool hostels in Delhi & Kasol and sleep under a million stars.


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