The Great Online Travel Upgrade

The 21st Century has recently upgraded itself to a beta version 2.0. This version has had very crucial fixes when it comes to handheld operations. One can easily order food, write letters and book hotel rooms while lying down on a couch. The only hardware requirement is a mobile device, a computer and a functioning set of hands. If you have three of these prerequisites your life just went through an update. This 21st Century update costs from around 149$ and goes upto 2000$ with luxury devices. In Addition, it offers a whooping advantage of auditing an organization via reviews.

Today we talk about this specific feature of auditing via reviews. Why this update has people bothered around the world and how fair is this feature. We also talk about travelling and booking a hotel room specifically. Its going to be ruthless and a gospel discussion for travelers. Let’s clear our throats.

Throughout the history of time we have seen the word explorer morphing somewhere with travelling. Travel today has become exploration essentially. Exploration of one’s soul and at times a beautiful spot to chill for a while. Earlier, the world that was not discovered, had to be discovered. But today we have discovered almost everything. Today, man has realized he needs to discover himself after excavating much of his geographical surroundings. To do this, Man travels. This has become a growing trend in this century with the increase of travelers around the world. We can go ahead and say every 2 out of 4 corporate sellouts are spontaneous travelers. The real issue is how they travel? Because if exploration is about comfort, we as well call it cheap cinema. Travel has never been a commodity that can be bought until now. Kudos Richard Branson! When we travel today we have basic mathematical rules to follow after choosing a place.

Is the Place safe? (Lets do a quick google search and dig out all the bad things that have happened here.)

Is there a hotel? (Lets scrutinize through every review on tripadvisor and bookmark the best)

Is the network okay? (Lets see if Oman has good 3g connection because snapchat Y’all!)

Will the place look good on facebook? (Lets see if India has a good appeal on my timeline!)

These factors are hereditary and compulsory (for most). Most of the travelers take this route. They are not wrong. They are just not travelling.
Sorry, But to get something out of your travel you need to switch off your phones. You need to think straight and take risks. You must be out of your comfort zone. Ever imagined Mccandles going “The magic bus has a rating of 1.5 on tripadvisor. It doesn’t even have a Wifi.”. Travel is about discomfort. Discomfort of not knowing where to go. Discomfort of not finding a perfect place to sleep. Its about management. Its about adjustment. Its about Survival!

Its not about finding the best hotel for your stay. Its not when you want a spiritual experience. If you really want to change your life through travel you must escape from judging a hotel by its rating, a place by its propaganda and your travelogue by how attractive it looks on social media. That is what travel is in its true sense. We travel for an inception not a deception. Hotel Reviews and Google Searches can hardly get you anywhere but priorities will.

And it has always been about priorities.

Either you want to be part of that 21st Century Upgrade.

Or you want to be Marco Polo.

The Choice is yours.


P.S. Only one is a traveler.



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