This blog is absurd and so is the life we are living. So break away.



I am a product. My religion is money. My gender is undefined. My occupation is to survive. But how often do I follow my code of conduct? How often am I true to myself? I work 8 hours a day. Accounts, Bureaucracy, Artist or a Sportsman; doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I am a product and I have chosen to be a product for a rather long term of my entire life. Should I be a product? Or Should I be an unreasonable hippie? Should I leave my responsibilities that I myself have built with lots of expectations? Should I buy a car or Should I buy a phone? Should I row a boat or should I discover fire? Isn’t it hard to be a modern man in this century? How do I answer these questions without being biased towards my choices? Will there be a divine intervention? Will there be an echo? Or will I just read some liberating blog to transform myself into a monk? Well, if you think this to be that blog, you are mistaken. This is just an informal manifesto, not a guide to recognising yourself.

Lets begin with birth. When I was born I was fed with lots of preconceived notions. God, Vegetables, Time, Love, Hate, Money, Job, Wife, Family. It was pouring in like a tap left open to fill a pool. It was massive information that I was not ready to analyse. So, I just accepted it all. The real conflict though is, what now? I think of them now. At present I question religion, my wife, my job, the concept of money in my life, the idea of love. But now, the society gets angry. Now it gets angry, it restricts me from articulating the exact set of answers I am looking for. I guess its time to move on. I have learned enough from the conventional industry that impregnates me with an illogical livelihood. I need to get bitten by a radioactive spider. I need that letter from Hogwarts. I need to kiss my wife passionately like Noah. But before that, all of that fairy tale crap I need to understand this absurdity. How are people in this entire world living? How do they think? Do they have more problems? I think its high time now. I need to take a break from all the people in my city. We can do some Facebook for a while. Its time for me to visit Europe, America, Asia, Antarctica, Africa and Australia. I hope I have enough funds, but even if I don’t I must walk as much as I can. There is a lot to explore and I have been living a monotonous life for really long now. I should pack my bags today. I must leave.

Ibn Batuta, Bernier and Al biruni might have been travellers by profession. I although would do it as a religion. Because whatever the popular culture says, its right about one thing, travel is the best religion out there. Its the best currency. Its the most transforming experience. I am a man, without god, without possessions, without a proper plan. Where do I start my evolution from? Yes, from travelling to a distant land. I am walking towards the bus stop, towards the railway station, towards the airport, towards the local bus stop of Nepal. I dont have an idea about tomorrow but a lot of spirit to be in it. I am walking towards home.


Wait, Wait, Wait. Thats a call from my employment agency. Oh! they have found a perfect placement for me. Hmmm, the pay is good. I can probably pay my rent pretty easily. I can buy a new sedan. I can buy the new iphone. Maybe I should work for a while and leave after an year. But wait, thats the occasional trap that the market throws at me.Its something today, it will be something tomorrow. It has captured my attention for long by this tactful manoeuvre. Should I take the job? Should I make a living instead of living? Should I not walk towards the station, the bus stop, the airport? My luggage pushes me towards the destination. I am falling. Why?

  1. Because I am a product.
  2. Because life is just absurd as it is.
  3. Because I need to know.

You decide.

After all,I am you and what I see is me. 

And do I take you by the hand 

And lead you through the land 

And help me understand 

The best I can. 

This blog is absurd.

So is the life we are living.

Lets Move.




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