5 Things to do in Kasol


Nestled in the Laps of the Himalayas, The beautiful town of Kasol is the most happening and important part of the Parvati Valley. Cradled amongst the tall pine and cedar trees, surrounded by the forest and lofty snow clad peaks, Kasol holds its own charm and magic to enchant every soul which shall step out here. From beyond the high horizons of the mountains to the banks of the ever flowing Parvati river, calmness and surreality surround the valley. Plus if you have a hippie heart and want to experience some good party, Kasol will never disappoint you.

Where to Stay?

The Hosteller, Kasol is a backpacking hostel located in Old Kasol near the German Bakery. The hostel emits divinity due to the melodious music made by the waters of Parvati River flowing nearby and the chirping of birds and insects in the forests. The hostel gives a good view of trees with Apple, Peach, Pear and Plum fruits blooming at a hand’s distance.

One can book a deluxe room or a dorm bed at the hostel. Adventurous people can go for tents to sleep in the lap of the Himalayas under the protection of the stars.

How to go around in Kasol?

Kasol is well connected by road to all the major cities of North India. In Kasol people can opt for local government owned cheap buses or Cab services to move around in Kasol. But walking,hiking and trekking is more recommended in Kasol to experience the majestic beauty of the Valley.

5 Things to Do in Kasol

  1. Chill and Relax sitting by the Parvati River – Time is an illusion in Kasol, Hence, it is mandatory that you sit by the gushing waters of the river Parvati and let the time fly and introspect into life or just enjoy laziness.
  2. Be a Foodie and do Cafe Hopping – From the famous Evergreen cafe to the Jim Morrison Cafe, Kasol has its own taste and rich cafe culture. You must not leave this place without trying the cafes out. From delicate Israelis cuisines to the subtle momos or thupkas, Kasol will satisfy every taste bud of yours
  3.  Attend the Trance Party – Kasol is a party hotspot and a hippie paradise. World renowned DJ’s perform at the psychedelic parties and it is a one of a kind experience.The experience will be incomplete if you don’t jump to the beat drops of the EDM Tracks.
  4. Hiking, Trekking, Camping – Kasol is the base camp of so many breathtaking Himalayan trekking trails. From beginners trek of Kheerganga to the the all time grand Pin Parvati Trek or Sar Pass Trek, Kasol serves as the throat to all the high altitude adventures.Don’t leave without camping in the woods and having a bonfire party with the forest. Kasol has its soul in it.
  5. Boom, Shankar – The myth, magic and mystery of Kasol is in its herbs and leaves which grow around. From hippies to backpackers, every soul takes a drag of the famous and world renowned “ Stuff or Maal” of Kasol. Don’t go without experiencing the world’s best gift from Kasol to the world.


Visit Kasol and look for The Hosteller to stay. For online booking go to http://www.thehosteller.com/


– Deep and Rusin


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