People I met in Delhi Metro

If we are next to each other in metro, we are talking. I am probably listening.

I am fucked up in a way. I want to know how are you fucked up?

So I ask you a lot of questions. I am also curious about how you live your life and hopefully I learn something new or might gain a new perspective.

So let’s commute together in the metro –

  1. All I wanted to do was brag to my colleagues that “I brought a girl from the metro to our event, The Hosteller-Bookmark”. That would have been cool. So I made her quite uncomfortable by asking her 4 times if she wants to come to the event. She turned it down because she said she was sick (?).
  1. A photographer. He was coming from a fashion event. I had to see his pictures. We started commenting on every girl in the picture. He said he got numbers of many pretty girls from the event. I told him that my girlfriend is a photographer too. And I certainly hope she doesn’t collect numbers from the guys in her events.
  1. A retired post office employee. I wanted to know about the thefts they made in the Post office (I know some people who got their packages tampered). But apparently he was proud to retire as an honest employee. So no inside stories for you guys!
  1. A police officer on duty in the metro. I had a quick head scan of my pockets after hearing this. But thankfully we ended up having a good conversation about his job.
  1. “I will call the metro helpline number. Go away asap”. AND I RAN. Apparently I boarded the women coach by mistake. I hardly had a seat for a second and was about to do my “thing”, when she yelled this at me.

In the past 6 months, I have initiated conversation with lots of people. But I have never been on the recipient of this.

My parents always said “don’t talk to strangers”. But sorry mom and dad.

This is just too much fun.

– Brinder Singh


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