Let me engage you with an interesting story  from the realm of quantum physics! A cat is placed inside a box with a veil of poison and a radioactive source. The radioactive source starts decaying at some unpredictable time which in turn breaks the veil and eventually killing the cat in the process. After any particular time period, one can only know the state of the cat, dead or alive, if they were to open the box and see. So, there’s an uncertainty in the state when the box remains closed and the cat is thought of being in a  superposition of both dead and alive. This, when applied to everyday life situations, conveys the fact that you can never know the truth unless you look for it.

But isn’t this paradoxical when related to the previous blogs on opinion and perspective?

The above statement can be considered as just another opinion that confines into a singular perspective. I’ll try to clear this in the next few lines. Ockam’s razor is a concept that lay some ground rules to this paradox. It goes along the lines that ‘the simplest explanation is considered to be the right one; as far as it works’. This simple concept is foolproof and applicable to every single aspect of the universe that humans have defined. If the box is opened and the cat is moving, we can conclude that it’s alive as the simplest defining aspect of a cat is that it moves. This can be considered to be the ‘true’ fact as long as it remains applicable; as long as the cat moves.

Now, truth is subjective. Knowing that ‘this is true for me’ and accepting the moment that comes that way, while extracting some learning out of it is what I’m looking for. I don’t know what people are looking for; but I know for a fact that everyone is looking for something. I think it’s when one tries to recollect consciousness and observe themselves behaving naturally, one tends to know who they are. For me it’s a two step ladder; one being the ‘ability to observe’ and the second being ‘ability to accept’. The ability to observe can be thought of as looking at something/a situation closely form a third person’s perspective and the ability to accept is about drawing some inferences from the observations. What makes you yourself, is the uniqueness of your existence relative to the infinite nature of spacetime. Acknowledge your uniqueness, find your truth and accept it.

– Sachin Sengar and Sid Ramesh


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