In simple words, iteration is a trial and error process. It’s the name given to the process itself that leads to unbound outcomes or a desired target. Let’s take this article for instance.

I’ve been thinking for at least 5 hours to come up with an effective way to convey the message through this blog. Like any writer looking for some inspiration from the external world, I went through a few articles and TED talks and could list down a few pointers from each source.

From the first video, I comprehended that human experiences lie broadly in three zones; success on one end, failure on the other and everything normal and reassuring in the middle. Failure can throw you in the blinding darkness of disappointment and success can push you in the blinding glare of fame. Society sees one of these as ‘bad’ and other one as ‘good’. When one feels like they’re getting thrown into the dark side, one has to find home; and home is whatever you love more than yourself.

The second video was about self motivation where Scott Geller conveyed the simple message that success is more of a process than a destination. He rightfully put forth the concept of perspective; being a ‘success seeker’ rather than a ‘failure avoider’. It’s a quality of humility that gets developed with such a perspective; the humility to accept feedback and courage to speak up.

The third one was an anecdote about a man I admire; the greatest inventor who ever lived -Nikola Tesla. Tesla was known to be a man who was displaced in time; he was a futurist. Being driven just by curiosity, Tesla was the one who founded the idea for many inventions like the light bulb, radio, alternating current and much more. Despite not receiving recognition for his work during his time, he kept his work quality progressive. I could infer from these facts that Tesla was a man who truly loved what he did and that’s the only reason he did it for.

While reading the three paragraphs above, your mind was going through this constant process of taking in information and forming a viewpoint on each one of them. This was an iterative process that just happened. These iterations allow one to take out the simplest and most effective message from every source/scenario. It’s a learning process that enables one to make mistakes and gives them time to learn from them. There lies a simple common message in the three paragraphs above; always keep doing what you love. How can one say that this is the right message?

No one can. But there should be some ground rules for the human race to progress. We’ll get to this in our next blog – Truth.

– Sid Ramesh


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