I am telling you the famous story of a half empty glass which is empty if you think it is empty.
Actually this applies to almost everything that you ever encounter at any instance in your life even when you are dreaming. How you look at any moment could possibly define everything that ever happened in your life.
We humans are a product of our thought process. We have enough evidence in history for those who believed that they could move mountains and have always moved one. On the contrary, there are enough evidences of people who were naturally gifted to do great things in life but never got there. Most people build a psychological barrier and perceive things/situations in a certain way; for e.g. as per a government survey in United States, all those people who were unemployed explored very less variety of opportunities compared to those who were employed. The most important thing to note is that the opportunities explored by unemployed tend to overlap as well.

What I infer from this is simple but significant; how one sees a possibility or an event as a psychological consequence of how they saw them in the past. Gradually that person tends to condition his perspective at this moment with the series of past consequences that were a result of the series of his/her previous perspectives.
In a nutshell, how you see things or situations is your way of looking at it but is not the only way. So, whenever you feel caught and think of giving up, remember that there is an answer to your problem. It’s just that you didn’t explore enough ways to solve your problem.

I repeat, I am telling you the famous story of a half empty glass which is empty if you think it is empty.

  • – Sachin Sengar

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