Take some time to just observe every aspect of the picture below.


According to my thinking, I see the above picture as an illustration of my mind. My mind rushing through a plethora of thoughts and never stopping on one. It could be a spectrum of individual entities, never related to each other yet put together to co-exist; or may be it can be a web of complex thoughts running through a million individual minds. Yet, I perceive it as individual boxes representing every distinct memory I’ve had and the starry background depicting a cleavage of the awareness that I’m seeking; navigating my way through thoughts and ultimately being able to live outside of spacetime.

You, on the other hand, may have interpreted the image in perhaps a similar or an entirely different way. Your interpretations are solely based on your perspective of the image; of your past experiences, present emotions and future aspirations. Nobody can affirmatively state that yours or my interpretations are right or wrong; it’s subjective.

This is how one forms an opinion. It’s a subconscious process of forming a viewpoint or judgment about something one has just observed. There need not be any validation for this viewpoint as everybody is entitled to their own opinion and has every right to express it.

This would mean that everything is right and everything is wrong from an individual perspective. This seems paradoxical when we measure this idea relative to the fundamental grounds of human existence and evolution of consciousness. There would be no definitions and there are high chances of the system going into chaos. Order and complexity arises when we evaluate things based on more than the singular perspective; considering more than one opinion. We’ll explore more on this in the next post; “Perspective”.

For now, I’ve just put out my opinion on ‘Opinion’. I leave the rest to you!

– Sid Ramesh


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