Discovering a Lost World – Kalap

Imagine you are walking somewhere in the unknown and you stumble upon a small village. A village that has been there for a long time; a village disconnected from the modern world; a village unheard of. You could be the first person to pin it on Google maps! That’s exactly what Anand Sarkar, a travel enthusiast and frequent trekker, did as he stumbled upon ‘Kalap’ village while on an unchartered trek.


A typical saturday evening at The Hosteller in Hauz Khas may be characterized by inmates jamming music, playing foosball in the common room and munching on some snacks. But on saturday, 5th December, the common area was unusually filled with, exclusively, travel bloggers, photographers, journalists, food critics and more from the performing arts. Inspired Traveller; a lifestyle and tech startup, in collaboration with The Hosteller and Zu Tisch Bistro organized a casual traveller’s event where Mr. Anand was narrating his story of ‘Kalap’, over some chai and samosas. Since his ‘discovery’ of Kalap, he has been closely working with the villagers in arranging sanitary conditions in the village, education for the children and engaging in any kind of work that helps flourish the village. The TV screen displayed beautiful images of the natural beauty of Kalap; it’s people, animals, mountains. The event was progressed by a round of questions from the audience where Mr. Anand gave succinct answers to plans for his future as well as that of Kalap tourism. Being a nature lover myself, I was enthralled in listening to his talk. Soon enough, Jay from Inspired Traveller conducted a quiz on travel geography; giving out merchandises for the people who gave the answer. The meetup ended with Sid playing Eddie Vedder’s track – Guaranteed, from the movie “Into The Wild”; adding the cherry on top!

Attendees then moved to Zu Tisch Bistro where the after party was held and all the ‘wanderlusters’ had a nice time there sharing travel stories, tasting the sidacious German food with a few drinks. It’s events like these that bring like minded people together; where they can learn new things and exchange skills in search of new opportunities. We at The Hosteller love putting up with such amazing people and bringing in good vibes at our cozy home in Hauz Khas. More to come. Okay bye.

Photos – Raktim Chakravartty

– Sid Ramesh


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