1. human beings in general or considered collectively.


Step outside your house, and you see them everywhere. Some walking, some running to catch a bus, some fighting over something, some laughing at it, some looking at the trees, some listening to music, and it goes on. We all have this subtle tendency to pass just a single glance at a person and pass a judgement on how he/she is leading their life. The guy in the suit and tie might be seen as this smart person who knows the ropes to earn a good living. The guy with dreadlocks and fancy loose clothing might be seen as this deluded dope smoker. Over the past months, this has intrigued me a lot. So when Pranav asked me to write a blog post for The Hosteller (where I’m interning currently), I used it as a reason to do something exciting. I set out to talk to 10 people in a place and write 2-3 lines about each of them. This might go on for a few more posts in the series – 10 People.


So, here are 10 people I met in Delhi Metro –


  1. A lady in her late 20s who works at a bank. She does organic farming in her balcony.
  2. An aspiring economics student. He used to do this same “meeting random people” thing a few months ago. We had the same nicknames!
  3. A father who was taking his 5 year old daughter to see the India Gate. Both of them looked very excited!
  4. A guy working for a forecasting firm. Looked disciplined at first sight, sounded completely the opposite.
  5. A girl searching for an analytics startup venture to work with. She was on her way for an interview at socialcops.
  6. An English honours student from Delhi University. He’s a freelance content writer and was listening to Red Hot Chilli Peppers!
  7. A French girl who was visiting India for the first time. She was majoring in South East Asian studies back in her college. I liked her cute accent.
  8. A hair stylist working at Green Trends salon. He suggested me places I could go shop for winter clothes.
  9. An entrepreneur lady who cooks food at her home and hires people to deliver it to clients.
  10. A group of people from a nearby village. They all were on their way to see the Lotus Temple.

Yup. That’s it. But wait. What is all the point in doing this? What could I possibly learn from a ten minute conversation with a person?


Well, it’s not about learning from each other here. Everyday, you wake up, get a shower(maybe), and set off to your workspace/any other thing. Your thoughts are populated by anything and everything where you are centered. Because of this, you fail to realise that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Every single person out there has woken up, taken a shower(or not), and set off for their day. They have their own thoughts, family, friends, worries, interests, dreams, stories and experiences. And these experiences have moulded them for how you see them now. One person is happy because he got his dream job, the other is confused why he got rejected despite working so hard for it, another one is just enjoying Pink Floyd. The only way to know that, talk to them!


  • Sid Ramesh


Sid, Sachin and Waylon – crazy guys who spoke to the 10 people in Delhi Metro.



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