Delhi – What, and where to foodgasm.

I have lived in 5 different states of India, thanks to my dad being in Indian Air Force. Having lived in 5 states in a country like India means, 5 sweepingly different cultures, 5 sweepingly different people and 5 sweepingly different food habbits. I am the one curious about food and how it makes you feel that it belongs to a certain people.

1.Parathewali Gali – In my personal opinion, I think that “Parathe Wali Gali” in Chandni Chowk,Delhi is the tastiest looking street as of now, and then they back it up by matching the expectations incredible number of iterations. The only product they sell is an Indian bread stuffed with vegetables and without a doubt they are invincible in doing what they do. Beyond it’s rich heritage Delhi has to be known for extremely delicious food habits.

2- Chaat – The real flavour of the Delhi street food lies in the chaat. The original chaat is a mixture of potato pieces, crispy fried bread, Dahi Bhalla, gram and tangy-salty spices. The mixture is garnished with sour home-made Indian chilly.

3- Hauz Kas Villege – When you drop south in Delhi, you figure out this extremely well known street of Hauz Khas villege. leading upto the fort of Hauz Khas. The food here is Indian but customized for foreigners in terms of how “less fiery” it is . Local/regional food joints such as Kareems, Balaji Kulfi, Punjabi by Nature etc give a very vivid picture of how and what this city eats.

4 – People on the streets selling fresh fruit salad parallel to a spicy street-food  vendor (Chola Kulchas, Kachaudi, Gol-Gappas) is a sight that is constant throughout the city. Such small tag team combinations to capture more sales can be seen as a well thought out business strategy. 

5 – After all the stomach-burning spicy food of Delhi, it is absolutely essential to let one of the cooling milk-based drinks here soothe your very happy tummy. Many Dilliwalas swear by the malai lassi.

For those who are travelling to Delhi just for its architecture should know that the city has much more to offer than what is usually expected out of it, this mouthwatering depiction of the city is a perspective that you have to add if you are a traveler and you love food..


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