Why Is Jaipur The Ultimate Winter Weekend Destination?

Winter is coming!

Amer Fort Jaipur

 I totally get why Ned Stark says that in a tone of caution. My reluctance to get up early in the morning increases exponentially as winter nears, I’d rather not step out into the terrible mist, and I’m mostly thinking of reasons to skip bath during such chilly conditions. But putting my laziness aside, the reason why I really hate the winters, and I believe I speak here for Eddard too, is that I no longer can venture out to the hills! I mean, of course you can travel to the hills… only if you like having your balls frozen. Actually, I don’t think Stark gives much shit about the hills.

Anyway, my point being, what’s the sense in willingly traveling to freezing temperatures when you can’t move an inch without shivering in Delhi’s weather? And its not just the cold. The greenery is gone, everything is covered in snow, the sun remains hidden behind all the clouds and the weather does not permit anyone to trek. So well, there is nothing to do but to stay snuggled deep into your hotel blankets, rather than the comfort of your own place.

With the hills no longer a travel option for the next 4-5 months, we figured we should pitch Jaipur as your ultimate weekend destination for the season. After all, why let your holidays go waste?

And yes, we already know what you have to say to that. You’ve already made numerous visits to Jaipur and there’s nothing more to see in the city, right? Well then, this will be an attempt to change your mind about the Pink City.

 Festivals are coming!

 You already know about the LIT fest taking place around the fourth weekend of January (21st to 25th). There’s also the International Kite festival which falls on Makar Sankranti (January 14th), the Jaipur Vintage Car Rally which takes place in February, and a bunch of shopping festivals which take place throughout the season.

 And no Jaipur festival list is complete without mentioning Holi, which occurs on the 6th of March the next year. In Jaipur, the festival of colours is a huge spectacle witnessing huge participation from tourists of different nationalities, celebrating the festival with as much enthusiasm as the locals.

Weddings are coming!

 Weddings are a lot of fun, except for when you’re shopping to look your stylish best for the occasion. The wedding season crowds up all the good stores in Delhi, the shopkeepers don’t pay you enough attention, and you feel the shops overcharge you for everything.

Jaipur can offer you a breather from all the madness. Considered a wedding shopper’s paradise, Jaipur’s colorful bazaars can offer all sorts of things. Traditional kundan jewelry and lac bangles, bandhani work, dye-fabric, block printed textiles, handicrafts, camel leather bags, antiques, jutties and mojris – whatever you need to look smoking hot! And living up to Jaipur’s heritage of its exquisite handiwork, all the things you find here are deemed to give you a royal look.

The best thing about shopping in Jaipur? All the shops are huddled in the old town, in one place, making the task of store-hopping much simpler for customers! And to add to this, there are free Pink buses service available especially for shoppers.

P.S.: Bargaining skills are a must for all customers, needless to say.

Again, winter IS coming!

We can’t help but stress on this point. Jaipur, in fact the entire state of Rajasthan, is at its vibrant, colorful and charming best during the winter months. The weather during the day is sunny and warm, just perfect for you to wander around, and the nights manageably cool. Moreover, you can feel a change in the mood of the entire city. The people on the streets are so happy and chirpy, and treat you so warmly, making your trip even more pleasant.

 Plus, you can’t be serious when you say that you have explored everything there is to see in Jaipur? Have you witnessed the breathtaking sunset, behind the flurry of pink buildings, at the majestic Nahargarh? Or watched the beautiful city lights in the dark from a birds eye view? You’ve hogged all the delicious sweets, the mouth watering snacks and the chatpatti chaat the vendors in the old city have to offer? Have you floated in the sky inside a hot air balloon? Yes, Jaipur has all these and so much more to offer… if you have, winters still happens to be the best time to revisit and reminisce the times you had spent here.

Well, hopefully  we’ve managed to convince at least a few of our travel-loving readers to consider Jaipur this season. If not, wish you a blizzard-full trip to the mountains!

  • Sridhar Rajagopala

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