Delhi is the home to 17+ million Indians who belong to different cultures, ethnic groups, religious beliefs and customs. With varied seasons throughout the year, the temperature ranges from Zero degrees Celsius in chilling summer to 40+ degree Celsius during summers (April-June). Delhi also gets its fair amount of monsoons and becomes even greener during that time of the year.

Most of the offices of political significance including The President’s house and Embassies are located in the center of the city which is brilliantly planned and full of great architecture. Rashtrapati Bhavan (The President’s house) is the biggest residential accommodation for any President in the world.

History in Brief

Delhi has been a center of political administration for numerous empires over the years but a significant part of Delhi’s history is unrecorded. Significant evidence of Delhi being a capital of empires date from the 12th century since the onset of Delhi Sultanate. As per a Hindu epic Mahabharata, Delhi was called Indraprastha (City of Lord Indra) while the modern city of New Delhi was planned by Edwin Lutyen (British Architect) during the British rule in India.

Foreign Currency Exchange

Exchanging foreign currency is not an issue, a number Forex counters such as Western Union, are available in the airport and the city itself. Following are some of the prominent forex links in the city:

1. Forex counters in Connaught Place

2. Forex counters in Hauz Khas

3. Forex counter in Nehru Place

4. Forex counters in Old Delhi Railway Station

5. Forex counters in Chanakya Puri

6. Forex counters in Janpath


Intra State

  • Delhi’s transportation has taken a giant positive leap in terms of standards in last 1.5 decade. Since the launch of Delhi metro in 2003, a large sum of Delhi’s traffic is now diverted off-road, solving a huge problem of large traffic jams in the city.  (Click Here for Delhi Metro Map)

      Tip: Buy the metro smart card to avoid queues and save money

  • Delhi Transport Corporation has a brilliant 18 hour bus service throughout the day at extremely cheap fare both for non-AC and AC busses with digital ticketing system

  • App based taxi services such as UBER, OLA Cabs, MERU etc. are active across the city along with on-road auto-rickshaw/taxi can be used as well for commuting

Inter State

There are 3 major modes for transportation for moving across states from Delhi.

  • Railway: The Best way to book a railway ticket through IRCTC website or you can do it at the railway station station itself

  • Domestic Airways: Booking a flight is easiest through online booking platforms such as cleartrip,makemytrip etc.

  • Busses: You can book bus tickets sitting at home using Red Bus but I personally would suggest you going to Bus Station and buying ticket on the spot, which makes it cheaper.

What to do:

Delhi is known for its mesmerizing Mughal architecture which majorly comprise of mosques, forts, tombs, and gardens. Apart from these Delhi is also the place for some cheap and ethnic shopping in Chandni Chowk market, Palika Bazar, Sarojni Nagar and Lajpat Nagar. Weekly heritage walks and city-walks good to get a close reflection of Indian culture, and architecture. Indian and Chinese cuisine is available all around the city, you check out some top Indian restaurants here.

– by Sachin Sengar


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